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5 Financial And Legal Benefits Of Using Bail Bonds

When someone is arrested and detained pending trial, they may be unable to post bail for release from custody. A relative or friend may choose to use a bail bond agent to post ‌bail on the detainee's behalf. A bail bonds agent can post bail faster and at a lower cost than the detainee's friends or family. Bail bond agents also offer legal and financial benefits to help the detainee and their loved ones.

1. Save a Large Percentage of Cash Bail

If a bail bond agent posts bail on behalf of the detainee, the detainee will not have to pay any cash bail themselves. Bail bond agents typically charge a non-refundable fee for their services; however, this fee is typically less than the amount of cash bail that the detainee would have paid. Therefore, it helps raise money faster and also keeps your savings intact.

2. Avoid Selling Personal Items 

When someone is arrested, they may have to surrender their passport, vehicle titles, and other personal items. If the detainee cannot pay cash bail, they may need to sell some of these items to raise the money needed. If a bail bond agent posts bail on behalf of the detainee, the detainee will not need to sell any of their personal items. 

3. Avoid Lengthy Credit Card Checks 

Raising money from traditional lenders requires credit card checks. If a friend or family member uses their own credit card to pay for bail, this will impact their credit score and could prevent them from obtaining a loan in the future. If a bail bonds agent posts bail on behalf of the detainee, they will not need to use their credit card or use alternative collateral.

4. Get Legal Help 

When someone is arrested and detained, they need legal representation to ensure that their rights are protected. Bail bonds agents can provide legal assistance to detainees who are using their services. Many bail bond agents have experience with the court system and can provide advice and support to those who need it. 

5. Keep Legal Matters Confidential 

Some reasons for the arrest may be embarrassing. This may be listed in the court record and become public. The accused may want to keep this information private so that they do not lose their job or housing due to their detention. If a bail bond agency posts bail on behalf of the detainee, their legal matters will remain confidential.

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