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An Electronic Bug Sweep Finds Cameras And Microphones Planted In Your Home Or Office

Electronic surveillance equipment has become so affordable and small that it's easy for just about anyone to set up a camera or microphone in your home or office. This could pose a threat to your business and violate your privacy. If you think someone put a device in your home, or if you just want to ensure your business meetings are kept private, call a security company to do an electronic bug sweep. Here are things to know.

When To Have An Electronic Bug Sweep Done

If you're involved in a bitter divorce, or if you have a disgruntled ex-employee, you should be alert to signs someone is watching you or listening to your conversations. If you hear things repeated that you said in private, then you have reason to suspect your home or office is bugged. While some people plant bugs as a form of revenge, others do it as a form of stalking.

It's not unusual for cameras to be placed in bedrooms and bathrooms, but it's also possible for cameras or microphones to be placed in meeting rooms and offices to spy on the competition.

If you want to protect your company's conversations and discussions at meetings, you may want regular, routine electronic bug sweeps done just to make sure no one is listening in on your private talks. You can also call for a single sweep session if you suspect there is a camera hidden in your home and you want it found.

Where Electronic Bug Sweeps Can Be Done

Sweeps can be done in public and private places. This includes conference rooms, hotels, schools, office buildings, private homes, and even your vehicle. You may want a sweep of your entire home or building, but you can also just sweep a single room or office.

How Electronic Bug Sweeps Are Done

Electronic bug sweeps are done using sophisticated equipment that can detect bugs, whether the camera is on or off. The sweeps can find bugs that are broken or that are fully functioning. Using electronic equipment to find bugs makes the work go faster and ensures bugs aren't missed, as can happen when checking for the bugs by hand.

Plus, a security company knows likely places to start looking for the bugs. They start by interviewing you to find out why you think you're the target of surveillance and where you suspect the surveillance is taking place. This helps the team focus their search, since a stalker may be more likely to place a camera in your bathroom while a business competitor may place a camera or microphone in your home office.

However, the bug detection equipment will catch any bugs it comes across, so you can feel confident a camera or microphone will be found if it's present.

Contact a company like Stout Security Consultants to learn more about bug sweeps.