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Six Things A Panic Button Can Do At Hospitality Establishments

One of the most important features that need to be included in the design of any hotel establishment is a panic button alarm. There are many positive things that having a panic alarm can do for hospitality establishments.

The following are six things a panic button can do at hospitality establishments. 

Give staff members more peace of mind

Hospitality staff can experience stress due to worries that a break-in or burglary will occur during their shift. If not enough is done to protect your staff from such incidents, you may find it difficult to retain hospitality staff.

If you have a panic button system set up, your employees will feel secure and know that you're making necessary efforts to protect them. This will give them more peace of mind and make it so that employees stay with your company longer. 

Protect hospitality establishments from theft

Your hospitality establishments are likely to be full of valuable company assets. You need to prevent these assets from being stolen to protect the finances of your company.

A panic button system allows you to contact law enforcement quickly in the event of theft so that it's unlikely that burglars will get away with stealing your most valuable company assets. 

Minimize the chances that guest belongings will be stolen

If you don't have a panic button system at your hospitality establishment, you may be targeted by burglars. This increases the chances that the belongings of your guests could be stolen.

A panic button system protects guest belongings from theft.  Which will help the guests feel more confident in the security of your establishments. 

Protect hospitality companies from liability expenses

You could be held liable for theft or accidents that happen at your hospitality establishments. Having a panic button system helps prevent accidents and theft. This means that your system can protect you from liability expenses. 

Reduce stress for management staff and hospitality company owners

The potential for break-ins or violence at a hospitality establishment is especially stressful for you as a company owner and your management staff. With a panic button system, stress is reduced for all of the most important decision-makers and leaders at a hospitality company. 

Protect the reputation of the hospitality company

It's not good for the reputation of a hospitality company if criminal activity or violence occurs at their establishments. A panic button system can make these events less likely and thereby protect the reputation of a hospitality company. 

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