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Three Body Language Tips For Security Guards To Remember

Body language is important in every profession, including when you work as a security officer. In this field, you need to balance appearing authoritative and strong with also appearing friendly and approachable, given that you'll need to often behave in both contrasting manners during an average shift. If you're stationed at a security desk rather than patrolling an area, it's important to be cognizant of your body language. You're not tucked in a cubicle out of sight; you're in a public space where lots of people, including those who employ you, can see you. Here are three body language tips that security guards should implement.

Sit Up Straight

People who walk past your security desk, even if they don't make any form of contact with you, are often assessing how you look. If you're leaning back in your chair or forward onto your desk, it sends a message that you're perhaps more relaxed than you should be. This type of body language can suggest that you're lazy and inattentive, which isn't what people want to witness from those who are assigned to keep them safe. Make a point of holding your shoulders back and sitting up straight; you'll immediately present yourself as an authority figure.

Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is another body language tip to remember when you're staffing a security desk. The vast majority of people who pass by you will be going about their daily business, and eye contact from you is a way to appear friendly and to also let them know that you see them. This can also be useful in the event that you encounter someone who isn't supposed to be in the area or has illicit plans. Such an individual may second guess their intentions upon you making eye contact, as it may suggest that you're onto them.

Hook Your Hands On Your Belt

You might sit for part of your shift and stand behind or beside the security desk for other parts. When you're doing the latter, there are some considerations to keep in mind for your hands. Crossing your arms in front of you can make you appear closed off, which may discourage someone from asking you for help. Placing your hands in your pockets can make you appear indifferent. A good middle ground is to hook your hands into the top of your service belt. This way, you'll be resting them, but you'll give the appearance of someone who is on duty and engaged.

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