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Understanding The Job Of A Private Security Guard

Private residential security guards are often hired by HOAs, property management companies, and individuals to provide services to communities or to personal residences. You can enlighten yourself on some of the many ways private security can be of service and this might help you decide if they offer services you can use for your own neighborhood, complex, household, or family. 

The role of a private security guard

The role of a private security guard is to put their skills, experience, and knowledge to use to protect the area or the people that they have been hired to protect. They are in the position of recognizing weaknesses that need to be better secured, recognizing threats that need to be watched or dealt with, providing a deterrent for criminal activities, dealing with any threats or issues that need to be handled, providing assistance, and overall doing everything they can to offer protection. 

The security guard's patrol

The way in which a private residential security guard patrols and protects will depend on the location or individual that they have been hired to keep safe. In some cases, this means they will stand guard at a location, such as at the entrance to a private community where they will make sure only residents and allowed visitors are allowed to enter. It can also mean patrolling the neighborhood. Alternatively, it may mean standing guard outside of a home, or even inside of the home. Likewise, it might mean staying with an individual anytime they leave their home, as well as protecting them while they are inside their home. 

The security guard's active protection

When something happens, the security guard is expected to act quickly in a way that will best protect the place or the person that they have been hired to guard. If they spot a threat, then it means deciding the best way to neutralize that threat and acting on it. For example, if they spot a person who is not allowed in the area, then they will require that person to leave and if they don't, then the security guard will hold them and call the authorities. If they spot a suspicious package, then they will keep people away from it and call the authorities. If they are protecting an individual, then they will make sure no one gets near that person who isn't supposed to be near them.

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