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Three ATE Helmet Designs To Order For Your Security Team

Security officers who wear above-the-ear helmets, also known as ATE helmets, will be considerably safer when running tactical operations than those who have soft headwear. While the officers who work for your security company might not don these helmets for their standard shifts, they'll appreciate knowing that this high-end protective gear is available to them when the need arises. When you shop for these helmets, you'll want to do so at a reputable security retailer that sells a wide range of products. In this environment, you'll be able to browse the different options to find ATE helmets that suit the needs of your offers. Here are three helmet designs that you may wish to buy.

Black/Navy Blue

Black or navy blue ATE helmets are a common design, and buying this type of helmet can help to give your security officers a professional look. Helmets in either color can be a good choice because many security professionals wear uniforms that are these colors. In some scenarios, your officers may wear white uniform shirts but that feature black or navy blue accents — for example, badging in either of these hues. Many security companies favor black or navy blue helmets because of the unified look that they provide.

Desert Tan

Another look that may appeal to you when you're shopping for ATE helmets for your security officers is desert tan. This design can be a good choice if your officers occasionally wear tan uniforms. For example, if you dispatch officers to work in areas with desert-like conditions and you want them to wear attire that matches the environment, tan uniforms will make sense. Tan ATE helmets will match these uniforms well.

Olive Green

Olive-green ATE helmets are also available from retailers that specialize in security equipment. This is a look that works well with olive-green uniforms, which some security officers occasionally wear. Security professionals sometimes wear these uniforms in outdoor areas that are wooded. For example, you might have a contract to provide security to a venue that has a lot of trees, and you may ask your officers to wear olive-green uniforms in this location. In the event that your officers occasionally wear camouflage uniforms, olive-green helmets will also be a good visual fit. Often, you'll find that helmets in each of these designs have chin straps that match — for example, a navy blue helmet will also have a navy blue strap.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers ATE helmets.