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Are Residential Security Guards Needed For Gated Communities?

If you operate a gated community and need to provide security services to ensure those living within the community feel safe, you should contact a residential security guard company. The company will have numerous guards available to send out to the gated community throughout the week. You may want to have at least one guard on the premises at all times. When working with a company that offers security guards for residential areas, you can make sure there is always someone available to keep an eye on things while protecting those who live there.

Why Are Security Guards Good to Have in Gated Communities?

While these communities have gates as an extra security measure, things can still happen, and that is why residential security guards should get hired to monitor the area during the day and at night. You can have different guards switching out after various shifts to ensure that there is always at least one security guard keeping watch on everything around them. With a security guard on the premises, security and safety concerns can be quickly handled. Residents living in the community do not need to wait for the police to arrive to handle a situation effectively. Although they can still make a police report, the security guard can de-escalate any situation if an issue occurs.

What Are the Responsibilities of the Security Guards?

You may have a list of responsibilities that you would like the security guards to have when working for you at the gated community. However, these are standard services provided by guards when hired from a residential security guard company:

  • Monitoring surveillance cameras to detect anything suspicious that is going on
  • Driving around the premises in a security vehicle to watch for unusual activity
  • Responding to calls from tenants when they see something suspicious or are experiencing a safety-related problem
  • Thwarting potential thieves from breaking into the community

Even when you have a gated community, there may come a time when someone tries to climb the gate and get over for one reason or another. The tasks completed by the security guards will leave property owners within the community feeling a lot safer.

When you operate a gated community, you should have a residential security guard available to monitor the area all the time. You can contact a residential security guard company to let them know how many guards you need and how often you would like to have them coming out to the property. Making these types of arrangements will create a safer and more comfortable environment for everyone. Contact a company, such as Superior Security & Investigations, for more information.