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Increased Crime In Your Area? 2 Types Of Security Cameras You Can Install For Your Business

If there is increased crime in your area, there are many things you can do to beef up your security, One way is to install a business camera system. You will find two main types of systems available. Below is information about both of these so you can have a better understanding of how these business camera systems work.

Closed Circuit Television

One type of business camera system is known as closed-circuit television, which is also known as CCTV. With this, several cameras will be installed on your property in different areas. The cameras are connected to several monitors that are inside your business. Images from the camera are then displayed on the monitors. You can sit in front of the monitors and watch in real-time what is going on outside of your building. How many monitors you choose will depend on the number of cameras that you need for your business.

CCTV camera systems are often used to view large areas, such as a parking lot, as well as other areas like the front and rear of your commercial building. You will find that many companies use this type of camera system, such as police stations, malls, etc. 

Internet Protocol Camera Systems

Another type of camera system that you can install for your business is an Internet Protocol (IP) business camera system. With this type, the recordings from the cameras are converted to digital videos. They are transmitted by a computer to various things, such as the monitors inside your building, to a tablet or smartphone, etc. One big advantage of this is you can monitor the video no matter where you are on your smartphone or tablet as long as you have an Internet connection.

You will find that IP camera systems have a higher quality image. They also have advanced features. For example, an IP camera system can store footage digitally, such as in the cloud. Being in the cloud allows you to access the videos no matter where you are. You will find that IP camera systems are more expensive and require more maintenance. This is because you will have to install a video server inside your building. Each camera must have its own IP address. These IP addresses then need to tie into the video server. 

Talk with a company that can install camera systems for businesses. They can go over both the CCTV and IP camera systems with you in much more detail.