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3 Signs You Need Security Guard Services Sooner Rather Than Later

If you own a business, you might be wondering how to lower your losses and improve your profits. While many company owners turn to things like better advertising and improved store functions, ratcheting down security can also help to prevent losses. Here are three signs you need security guard services sooner rather than later. 

1. Financials Are Worse

Have you looked at your books lately? If you have noticed a downturn in profits but you can't explain why, it could be problems with profitability due to loss or theft. Pay attention to how much you are spending on incoming products, how much you have in stock, and what your inventory levels have been over the past few quarters. If it seems like you are doing everything you can to keep up, but you simply can't overcome the problem, consider hiring a security team. 

Security professionals can come into your space, carefully evaluate the situation, and determine what is causing problems with your financial situation. In addition to helping you to tighten things down, you can also help to reduce losses in other areas that could be costing money, such as leaving lights on or failing to adjust the air conditioner when you are finished for the day. 

2. You're Struggling With Employees

When store employees stop obeying the rules and start causing problems, having documentation in place is vital to terminate their employment legally. It is crucial to think carefully about what kinds of issues you have been having with that worker and ask a security guard to monitor them during their shifts. By documenting things they do and say while on shift, you can quickly and efficiently decide if they should stay as a part of your operation or not. 

3. Things Are Missing

If you feel like items from your business are disappearing, it could be time to hire a security guard. Professionals can monitor for everything from missing supplies to problems with inventory levels, helping you to check problems with stock quickly. When things are stolen, security professionals can even look back to footage to see how things moved from their location, helping you to press charges against the right individual. 

After you decide to hire a security guard, check out different services very carefully. In addition to reading reviews about the businesses you are considering, take the time to carefully evaluate how they manage their operation so you are clear on what they plan to do with your company. Talk with them about a game plan, and be clear with how much you want to spend and how often you want security teams around. By doing your due diligence, you can prevent problems and enjoy better security for your company.