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Working With Security Guard Services For Your Needs

Hiring unarmed security officers can be difficult if you are hiring them directly. The time and money involved often make it cheaper, faster, and more efficient to work with an unarmed security guard service to provide the officers you need without all the hassle of hiring them yourself.

Providing a Friendly Contact

Hiring unarmed security guards can be a good thing for your business. Often security guards are positioned in your front lobby as people enter the property and can help people with directions to a specific part of the building or as a point of contact if you do not allow visitors in the building without an escort.

The unarmed security officer may be in a uniform, but they are typically much more customer service-oriented than military or police. People should feel like they can approach them, so a smiling and friendly security guard can be a great asset to your business in this type of situation. 

Entry Control 

Unarmed security guards are also well suited to manage the entry control to your property. A guard at the entrance to the property can stop drivers as they come in and check their ID and determine if they have business on the property or not. 

Because these guards are not armed, they may be less intimidating, but being in uniform typically lets people know that they can not just ignore the direction of the security guard and wander into the property unescorted. Your security guards can be instrumental in checking the property for safety concerns and for people wandering around where they don't belong as well.

Security guards can control access from a gate, a front door, or the perimeter of the property, depending on your situation, and a handful of armed officers can augment your unarmed security guards if you need them.

Overnight Patrol

Many companies use unarmed security guards to patrol their property after the business is closed for the day. The patrol may be an exterior check of the property with a vehicle or may mean walking around inside the property and checking for people that should not be in the building or checking for problems like fires, water leaks, or other things that could result in significant damage to the property.

Many companies use key points around the property that the guard has to scan with a reader so that they can assure that property is being checked thoroughly every night. The information is then recorded and kept on file so that if a problem occurs during a shift, you can make sure that security guards were in the building and checking things appropriately.

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