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How To Check Your Room Or Office For Recording Devices

If you are concerned that someone is purposefully spying on you or you are just concerned that modern tech is listening when it shouldn't be, knowing how to find such devices can bring you peace of mind. The following are some techniques to help you track down any possible listening devices that are hiding in your home or office.

Use Your Phone

Your mobile phone can actually provide clues as to whether there is a listening device in the room. First, enlist a friend to help. Turn off all known electronic devices in the room, then call the friend (who should not be in the room with you). They will need to leave their line open. Slowly rotate in the room. As you rotate, listen for any clicking noises or brief moments of interference on the line. These noises can indicate EMF field interference, thus helping you find the location of a potential listening device.

Purchase an RF Bug Detector Device

An RF bug detector device is a tool that picks up radio frequencies that are being broadcast in the room. These devices work because most listening devices transfer the data being recorded via radio frequencies. Much like using your phone to pick up the presence of EMF fields, you will need to turn off all electronics in the room you are surveying. Then, walk around the room while talking or singing to yourself. By vocalizing, you ensure that any potential bugs are actively recording while you survey the room. If the detector picks up a radio frequency broadcast, it will beep or make a similar noise to notify you that you are near a bug.

Try an Integrated Lens Finder

Some bugs do more than record sound, they also take pictures or videos. An integrated RF detector and lens finder has a bright light inside of it that is designed to create a bright refraction off of any potential recording lenses. After sweeping the room for RF signals, turn off all the lights in the room and turn on the lens finder. Then, walk very slowly around the room, sweeping the lens finder light over every nook and cranny. If you see a bright flash of light, you may have discovered the lens for a potential recording device.

For more help, contact a bug device detector dealer like the Spy Shop Store. They can help pick out the perfect detector for your budget and needs.