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Ways That Security Staff Can Help At A Marina

Security might not be the first thing that you think about when you begin to manage a new marina, but this is a critical topic to consider. You have a responsibility to keep your marina users and their property safe, and the best way to do so is by hiring security officers. A local security company can not only provide the officers who will perform this role for you but can also talk to you about how many officers you should have. The size of the marina, the number of users, and even the physical layout of the space can all influence how many security guards you have on patrol. Here are some ways that your security professionals can help.

Deter Theft And Vandalism

When boat owners leave their boats docked at your marina, they trust that no one will steal or vandalize their property. Without security staff, both risks can potentially happen. On-site security officers can be instrumental in deterring theft and vandalism of the boats. For example, an officer will patrol the area and watch for anyone who might be loitering or who looks suspicious. The officer can then approach this individual and determine why he or she is at the marina. The mere presence of uniformed officers can prevent people with dubious intentions from visiting the marina.

Diffuse Conflicts

You'd like to think that your marina will be a happy environment for its users, but there's always the risk of conflicts between boaters. For example, if one boater feels that another cut him or her off while trying to dock, there might be an argument that threatens to boil over into a physical dispute. Should an onlooker see a situation about to erupt, he or she can flag down a nearby security officer on patrol. The officer can then work to diffuse the conflict between the two marina users.

Provide First Aid

Security officers are trained in first aid, and there are a few scenarios in which these officers may need to use their skills in this capacity. For example, if someone were to slip on the wet dock and bang their head, people in the area may call for the help of a security officer. The officer could administer whatever first aid is necessary while awaiting the arrival of paramedics. Similarly, if someone were to arrive back at the marina from a boating outing and be showing signs of heat stroke, the security officer could care for the person while waiting for first responders

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