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Two Reasons To Hire An Armed Security Guard To Protect Your Business

As a business owner, one of your top priorities should always be to maintain a safe workplace. Your employees come in to do their jobs each day, and they deserve to be in an environment that is as secure as possible. There are a number of ways to promote a safe office setting, including making sure that there are smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and locks on every door. However, if you want to amp up the security of your commercial facility, hiring an armed guard is a step in the right direction.

Armed Guards Protect Against Internal And External Threats

Although you might have a practice of going around and locking every door once all of the employees have arrived, you have to understand that this may not be enough. There could be threats inside the building, and if you don't have reinforcements at the ready, the results can be very severe.

You may have heard of employees who "go postal" and seek to do bodily harm to their coworkers. While you certainly don't plan for something like this to happen and hope that it never does, it is always a possibility. A disgruntled colleague who is upset about not receiving a raise can get so emotional that they bring a weapon to work. How will you combat this kind of threat? If there is an armed security guard on the premises, they could potentially keep a disaster at bay.

Armed security guards are trained to use their handguns in all kinds of emergency situations. Situations that would cause the ordinary person to freeze up are handled much more efficiently by trained professionals.

Armed Guards Help To Create A More Relaxed Atmosphere

If your team works with a lot of cash each day, some members might be a little anxious. There is always the chance that a robber could enter the building and demand the money. You don't want your staff to be fearful because this could impair their abilities and cause them to perform at a much lower level than the job calls for.

Hiring an armed security guard makes it much easier for each person to feel at peace. They will know there is someone there to subdue an intruder so that a potential robbery can be avoided.

Contact an armed security guard service and ask them to send over a few candidates. Conduct the interviews and select the person you feel is the best fit for the task.